March 27, 2017

Consumers Should Know


Rights of Cooperative Members

  • Own and control their cooperative.
  • Elect and remove members of the Board of Directors.
  • Adopt and Amend By-Laws.
  • Require Officers, Directors and other employee to comply the Law, Articles of Incorporation and By-Laws and Rules of the NEA.
  • Hold Cooperative Officials and Manager liable for losses incurred by the cooperative because of mismanagement.
  • Examine the Cooperative books of record and its property.
  • Expect and receive quality service from the cooperative.

Responsibilities of Cooperative Members

  • Select the most able and best qualified members to serve on the board of Directors.
  • Develop substantial understanding.
  • Concept and Articles of Incorporation.
  • Coop By-Laws and Articles of Incorporation.
  • Objectives, Goals and Policies of the Cooperative.
  • Organization setup and unit functions of the Cooperative.
  • Major business transaction of the Cooperative.
  • Salient provisions of R.A. 6038 that must affect their cooperative’s development.