March 23, 2017

Best Practices

Clearing Activity

Inspired by our vision, mission and goals, all male employees conduct clearing of lines to the entire coverage area of MOELCI-I every Tuesday and Friday, to ensure power reliability and reduction of system loss.


Worship Service

worship service

Praise and worship service is regularly done every 1st working day of  the week right after the flag ceremony.


Open Forum

After the worship service, departmental updates, issues and concerns among the employees are discussed.


Blood Letting








As part of celebrating our Coop anniversary, in partnership with the RED CROSS, employees voluntarily participate in the blood letting activity for health purposes.


Birthday Fellowship

Every month, we give honor to our co employees who are celebrating their birthdays to promote and strengthen harmonious relationship.


Prayer Services

We extend funeral services to the bereaved family of our co employees and Officers.


Linkages with LGUs and other establishments

The COOP, like any other agencies never misses to adhere with the

1. Celebration of the Death Anniversary of the Philippines National Hero Dr. JOSE P. RIZAL every 30th Day of December.

2. Misa de Aguinaldo

3. Mass Sponsorship

4. Christmas Festival every 3rd week of December and

5. Araw ng Calamba every 14th day of February were the later was hosted by the Cooperative.


Other Activities


Traditional Christmas Party


Existence of Junior and Senior MOELCI-I Band

Since most of the MOELCI-I employees loves to perform and because the General Manager is very supportive to such talented employees, MOELCI-I Band came into existence. With its 15 members, said band was able to entertain several areas in Mindanao and that includes the promising City of Cagayan de Oro.

Dance Troupe

Dance troupe among employees became habitual to a large and modern Cooperative nowadays … so does MOELCI-I. Selection was done through auditions and of course dedication shown by attending successive rehearsals.