March 27, 2017


Q.When is my meter read?

A.Your meter is read every month, and it depends on the billing period that is stated at the top portion of your bill.


Q. Is my meter being read properly?

A. You can be assured that our meter readers accurately read your meters. You can check the readings.


Q. Who owns the meter installed in my property?

A.The meter is owned by MOELCI-I.


Q. Can the meter be pulled out?

A. Yes. MOELCI-I reserves the right to pull-out the meter if:

  • It needs to be checked/inspected
  • Electric service is terminated
  • Abnormalities were found during inspection
  • The customer requests it.


Q. Why is it that my electric bill changes even if I don’t change my appliances?

A. Consumption of electricity changes in accordance to the  seasons. For example, you consume more electricity during the summer  months.


Q. When am I supposed to pay my bill?

A. Your bill is supposed to be paid within 6 to 7 days from  reading date or on/or before due date indicated in your statement of  account.


Q. Can I have my bill due date adjusted to coincide with payday (the 15th or 30th of the month)?

A. Your payment due date is determined by a system which takes  into consideration the date of meter readings in your area, and you  service contract. This ensures that the process of computing your bill  is efficient with minimal delays and utmost accuracy. Your bill due date  cannot be adjusted.


Q. What should I do if I receive a disconnection notice?

A. Visit your nearest MOELCI-I service center within 2 days  after receiving the disconnection notice and settle your account to  avoid disconnection.


Q. Where can I pay My MOELCI-I Bill?

A.You can pay your electric bill directly to your nearest MOELCI-I, Service Center.